7 Best Portable Hard Drives 2016

7 Best Portable Hard Drives 2016

Strong state stockpiling might be hot; however in the event that you’re searching for tremendous limit and minor costs, then the great hard plate stays unbeaten. More »

Sony Cranks Up Optical Disc Storage To 3.3TB

Sony Cranks Up Optical Disc Storage To 3.3TB

Optical drives like Blu-beam are losing support, yet Sony and Panasonic don’t appear to mind. The organizations have turned up the capacity limit on optical media to a staggering 3.3TB. More »

How To Use Multiple Hard Drives With Time Machine

How To Use Multiple Hard Drives With Time Machine

Time Machine is more than just reinforcement programming for your Mac. It’s additionally a documented apparatus. More »

6 Best Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Business

6 Best Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Business

Nowadays, minor organizations progressively require access to their information on the go, with no overhead for capacity upkeep and no equipment support costs. More »

7 Cool Back-To-School Tech Tools

7 Cool Back-To-School Tech Tools

Prepare yourself for a fruitful year with these grounds tech devices, including an inventive note-taking pen, a tablet neighborly knapsack and a cunning space-sparing electrical extension. More »


How To Build A Storage And Backup Strategy For Your Small Business

digital safety concept padlock in electronic environment

Today’s organizations produce more information than any time in recent memory. Not fortuitously, IT has never been more basic to the achievement of a little business. Fortunately, the per-gigabyte expense of hard circle drives and related stockpiling innovations has never

Why Leading Organizations Choose WestendITStore


We at WestendItStore are frequently asked how our administrations can have any kind of effect for their association. Our answer is dependably entirely basic and straight forward: We offer unparalleled client benefit that is both practical and has a noteworthy

Top 5 Backup Software Apps For Your PC

Backup Software Apps For Your PC

Not going down your documents consistently? You should. There’s nothing more regrettable in the PC world than losing the majority of your diligent work – like your reports and undertakings – or your accumulation of fun – like your music

Disaster Recovery More Important To IT Than It Is To Business Execs

Disaster Recovery More Important To IT

33% of organizations have encountered an innovation related disturbance in the previous two years, and the most widely recognized purpose behind not putting resources into fiasco recuperation (DR) is a direct result of additionally squeezing needs, as indicated by a

The PC Backup & Restore Guide

pc backup

A go down is a duplicate of the considerable number of records on your PC. On the off chance that you have a move down, you’re secured if, for instance, you erase a valuable photo by oversight. It’s typical to move

Toshiba Raises SSD Storage Capacity To 7.68TB

Solid state drive

Toshiba’s been slacking in the race to bring stockpiling limit up in strong state drives yet has stepped forward with its new 7.68TB ZD6000 SSD. 3d showed unique foundation highlighting cubic intelligent surfaces and hardware 92012525 Motivating prepared to dispatch

Quantum Computer Could Simulate Beginnings Of The Universe

Quantum Computer Could Simulate

Quantum mechanics recommend that apparently exhaust space is really loaded with spooky particles that are fluctuating all through presence. Also, now, researchers have interestingly made a propelled machine known as a quantum PC reenact these purported virtual particles. This exploration

Quantum Computing Race Heats Up as Trapped Ions Rival Microchips

Quantum Computing Race Heats Up

In the race to manufacture extensive scale quantum PCs, two differentiating methodologies – one in light of catching particles, the other on more customary innovation – have drawn neck-and-neck. Both sides can now make straightforward gadgets that run different assortments

Top 5 Best Internal Desktop And Laptop Hard Disk Drives Of 2016


Regardless of the ascent of cloud and strong state stockpiling, interest for hard circle drives has never been so high. Be it inside or outer hard circle drives, organizations and end-client can’t get enough of them. The landing of ultra-superior

Backups as a Source for Data Mining

Data Mining

Hey, data folks. How might you want to at long last get some appreciation and get to be one of the go-to information administration specialists for your organization? In case you’re a reinforcement individual and worth your employment, you undoubtedly