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6 Cool New Tech Gadgets You Need To Own In 2016

In the start of 2000 people were still being introduced new types of cellular phones, back then the concept of smartphones and touch was not their until we entered in the century which belonged to IPhone, Blackberry and Samsung S series. But apart from mobile devices and tablets there are a lot of new innovative gadgets invented that are worth investing in. Here are top 6 innovative gadgets to have in your life.

These gadgets are so cool you will definitely want to own them all.

Prynt Smartphone Case
In case you’re searching for a speedy approach to print your photographs and you’re searching for a telephone case in the market, then you’re in lucky. French startup Prynt, recently launched their cell phone cover that accompanies an inherent printer. At a cost tag of $149, the Prynt spread associate with your cell phone through Bluetooth and can print your photographs in just 50 seconds.


SKARP Laser Razor
Say farewell to sharp edges! With the creation of the SKARP Laser Razor, shaving is presently more secure and less demanding – particularly for those with subtle skin! The model is made of aluminum with adjusted laser innovation that trims the hair at skin level. It can keep going for around 50,000 hours and does not require to be cleaned with water.


Specialists at the Imperial College of London created a robot that paints pictures depending on the client’s eye movements. It traces the movements of the client’s eyes, from settled looks to a progression of squints, which is then meant codes for the robot to know where to move the paintbrush and which hues to choose. Sounds like the start of an expanded limb!


Keurig Kold
Next time you want a Coca-Cola, don’t try racing to the store – simply make your own! Keurig Kold highlights an ultra-helpful pop innovation that transforms your plain water into your most loved fizzy sodas. Not just does it mysteriously change H2O into your most loved fizzy drink, but the home carbonation arrangement can likewise chill refreshments to turn drinks super cold.


ICE Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker
When I ponder about the future, I immediately consider things floating around. The ICE Orb Floating Speaker is one of those suspending advances you can claim today. For $149.99, you can claim this capricious 360 degree sound Bluetooth/NFC speaker that repels gravity.


The Back to the Future motion pictures presented us hoverboards that suspend starting from the ground. Like the One Wheel skateboard, the Hoverboard by the Hoverboard Technologies does not actually fly, but rather accompanies a solitary haggle run a top rate of 16 mph. It’s fueled by a 5,000 W engine and accompanies LED lighting and manufactured in speakers.


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