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The Complete Guide to LTO for Secure Corporate Backups

If you are an entrepreneur backing up the corporate data of your business is and should be the top priority. No doubt technology is always meant to offer humans ease in daily routine and business work, but there are many who abuse this mean. There is a whole world of

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Dell XPS 15 Fast Impact

Unlocking the Secrets Behind the Success of Dell XPS 15 Series

The XPS laptops have been among the best ones produced by Dell. Let’s take a look at some of the features of these laptops, and what makes them different from others. Here, XPS stands for “Extreme Performance Systems” which simply means that these devices are meant for running high-end applications.

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VR Mobile

Video Resolution – A Bottleneck in the Realization of Virtual Reality (VR) Systems

As we all know, video resolution plays a critical role in determining the quality of experience (QoE). The same rule applies to VR systems: without having a high-resolution system, we can never expect VR to match with the ‘real’ reality.   Though I believe man-made things will never be able to beat

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Wanna Cry?

Read this article if you don’t want to cry! If you want to cry, don’t worry! The new ransomware ‘WannaCry’ is there to make you cry. WannaCry began invading the computers in May 2017. It affected about 200,000 computers in 150 countries. The hackers hack data from one’s computer and demand

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How To Build A Storage And Backup Strategy For Your Small Business

Today's organizations produce more information than any time in recent memory. Not fortuitously, IT has never been more basic to the achievement of a little business. Fortunately, the per-gigabyte expense of hard circle drives and related stockpiling innovations has never been lower, while the approach of innovation, for example, distributed

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Why Leading Organizations Choose WestendITStore

We at WestendItStore are frequently asked how our administrations can have any kind of effect for their association. Our answer is dependably entirely basic and straight forward: We offer unparalleled client benefit that is both practical and has a noteworthy effect on the prosperity of nature. This is the reason

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