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Five Things You Can Do With a Second Internal Hard Drive

Hard drives and SSDs fall effectively into the classification of two is superior to anything one. Not just do you have more space for capacity, you can utilize that additional space to accelerate your PC or shield your data structure from a hard drive crash.


Here are some things that you can do with a second internal hard drive:

Separate Data And Windows
You can better secure your Windows establishment and your documents on the off chance that they’re on independent drives. On the off chance that one of your drives is a SSD, put Windows on that one. Something else put Windows on the smaller drive.

Testing Operating Systems
If you have an extra drive, then you can install another data system to it without any partitioning. This is an excellent method for learning Linux or testing Windows 10 before it becomes safe enough to be used.

Converts Two Drives Into a Single Fast Drive
If the motherboard of your system supports it, and the drives have the same limit, you can set up a RAID 0. This moves the two drives toward one expansive, quick virtual drive.

Build Crash Insurance
You can make a RAID 1, which composes precisely the same on both drives. It doesn’t accelerate your PC and you lose the additional stockpiling. Be that as it may, if one of the drives crashes, alternate continues going. Once more, this requires motherboard support and drives of coordinating limit. In any case, recollect that even with a RAID 1, despite everything you require reinforcement outside of the physical PC.

Turn an Internal Hard Drive into an External Drive
Evacuate the extra drive, and introduce it in a SATA-USB drive walled in area (you can purchase one for exactly $10). Viably, that moves it toward an outside drive, which you can use for reinforcement.

In the case of nothing else, appreciate the additional space! At the point when your fundamental drive comes up short on room, you’ll have a spot to put the flood documents.

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