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Frequently Asked Questions About LTO 7 Tape

The future of linear tapes is coming towards us! The release of the new technology in the form of LTO 7 is anticipated within a few months, there is no proper release date announced yet but it is expected that LTO 7 will be launched by the end of 2015 or early 2016. LTO-7 is all about large storage capacity and quick transfer rates. The new LTO 7 allows users to store more data in a small amount of space than the prior LTO generations.

lto 7 tape

Question1- With the declaration of LTO-7 Stipulations flagging the means for the forthcoming of tape storage, can you share the amount of LTO’s install base?

Currently we can state that around 5 million drives and almost 280 million tape cartridges have been dispatched since LTO was first launched in 2000. Additionally, around 90% of Opulence 500 businesses have tape applied in their substructures.

Question2- What is the reverse compatibility position of LTO-7?

All the LTO Ultrium drives come with the capability of reading the data from a cartridge from its own generation or two previous generations. This means that LTO 7 is capable of reading LTO 6 and LTO 5 cartridges. Additionally, LTO 7 drives can also write data on their generation drive as well as the previous cartridges.  For example, an LTO 7 drive can write data on a LTO 7 generation cartridge as well as LTO 6.

Question3- The roadmap launched in 2014 predicts LTO-7’s trodden volume to reach 16TB, though the up-to-date version and the stipulations declared in September shows LTO-7 will propose 15TB trodden capacity. Can you elucidate the inconsistency?

The LTO Program offers a roadmap of predictable expertise and enactment goals so that our authorizations and their clienteles can sufficient their expertise contributions and buying. The roadmap epitomizes aims and objectives, and like the roadmap set out in 2014 foretold LTO-7’s trodden capacity to extent up to 16TB, signifying the understood 15TB volume for LTO-7, which is extra than duple the size from the preceding generation, spasms inside that anticipated capacity range.

Question4- What was the cause of that difference?

The LTO Program pursues to accomplish price per TB along with the consumption of the newest technology in tape media and drives. Just like with any technology, the modern media technologies incline to transport a higher quality. To board the lowest conceivable cost, the trade-off of 4% volume, after complete cartridge practice, was resolute to be the best stability.

Question5- How did you precisely accomplish to dual the transmission rate and can we sum on seeing that development remain in upcoming generations?

We remained competent to dual the number of nuts on the drive, which means magnifying the total of stations. With the LTO-7 it means, with these added stations we can write and read more data with each license.

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