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HGST 8TB Drives – Helium Make Them Take Wing

We recently conveyed 45 HGST 8TB hard drives and we followed the HGST drives for their information stacking stage to perceive how well they performed. This is what we know in this way.

Helium Drives

The HGST 8TB drives are loaded with Helium. By HGST writing, the helium-filled environment lets the plates turn all the more effortlessly as helium offers less resistance versus air. This implies less power is required to turn the plates and they run cooler. It additionally implies they can have more circles and perused/compose heads with the HGST 8TB drive having 7 platters in a comparative space as different drives.

The measure of Helium in a drive is not distributed, but rather it is followed as SMART characteristic 22, with both the crude and standardized qualities beginning at 100. Amid our time of perception, the estimation of these characteristics did not change.


A Storage Pod with Toshiba 5TB drives took 26 days to achieve 80% limit and stacked information at a normal rate of 5.46 TB for each day. The Storage Pod with HGST 8TB drives took 40 days to achieve 80% limit and stacked information at a rate of 5.66 TB for every day. Given both Pods are comparably arranged and both drives are 7200 rpm drives, maybe there is something to utilizing helium all things considered. In any case, the HGST 8TB drives are our present information load test champion as Storage Pod 902 stacked by and large 5.66 Terabytes of information for each day.

You may be pondering about the two days in the outline above on the HGST information line where it shows up no information was composed to the Storage Pod. That was brought about by a drive disappointment. Yes, one of the 45 HGST 8TB drives fizzled amidst our perception period. The drive was supplanted a brief span after it fizzled, however no information was stacked for 2 days, why? We should stroll through the procedure of when a drive comes up short.

1. Our checking framework reports that a drive has gone logged off in Pod 902.

2. Pod 902 is flipped into upkeep mode. This places the Pod in read just mode, giving any current a chance to write operations finish then just permitting read operations.

3. Once the Pod is in upkeep mode, a datacenter professional uses the checking framework to assess the issue hoping to figure out whether it is only a drive disappointment or something more. Contingent upon the disappointment the drive can be restarted, yet frequently the drive is dead. That was the situation in Pod 902. As of right now the drive is booked for substitution.

4. Depending on workload and the season of-day, the fizzled drive is supplanted anyplace from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours after the fact. The Pod keeps on working in read-just mode amid that time.

5. To supplant the drive, the datacenter specialist suspends new read operations then close down the Storage Pod.

6. The expert finds the Storage Pod and slides it out of the rack. They open the Pod, find the dead drive, affirm it is the fizzled drive utilizing the serial number, supplant the drive, and after that nearby up the Pod. This regularly takes 3-5 minutes.

7.Once the Pod is back in the rack, it is restarted. The supplanted drive is then matched up into its RAID exhibit. This can take anyplace from a couple of hours to a few days relying upon the extent of the drive. Amid this time, the Pod stays in upkeep mode, which means it is perused as it were.

8. Once the new drive sync is finished, the Pod is set again into full administration. This was the situation with Pod 902 and it kept stacking information subsequent to being in support (read) mode for around 49 hours.

More About HGST 8TB Drives?

There are numerous things to like about the HGST 8TB drives; the low power prerequisites, high stockpiling limit, and 5-year guarantee lead the rundown. As of now the most reduced value road cost we’ve found is $547.99 on Westenditstore.com with a few destinations requesting as much as $795 for every drive.


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