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How to Choose a Right Computer System According to Technical Specs?

Now a day, the most frequent question related to PC has been that how much memory you need to access fast applications. If you go for new PCs, from 4GB to 6GB of RAM are common to be found. If you have short cash and not willing to buy an expensive one, perhaps you just want to do few e-mails a day or browse web, then you can go for 2GB of RAM. If you want to improve your computer systems performance, then go for 4 GB RAM. If you are willing to buy high-end computer systems to play games or to use heavy software, then get 6GB to 8GB of RAM.

rams and hard drives

If you are willing to buy a budget PC, then go for minimum 500GB to 750GB hard disk. However now, you can also find 1TB hard drive in budget computers. If you have a good budget for your systems, then go for SSDs (solid states drives) for best performances although their best capacities are not so high.

hard drives and rams

Yes, now the main issue that you must have been waiting to read, the central processing units (CPU): which one is the best computer processor for you? The good thing about latest technology is that you can even get two cored CPU in cheapest computer systems. These advanced processors allow you to run multiple tasks at the same time thanks to these two cores. If you have a flat budget and still want to buy something good then go for AMD’s Athlon II X4 640 or Intel’s Core i3-530, they will give good performance with a tight budget. If you have additional budget mean you can afford higher CPUs, then you can go for other better processors according to yourself.

These are the facts by which you can have better systems and can save lots of money. You do not have to go again for computer shopping for long time.

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