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Information Graph – Cloud Storage For Small Businesses

Defining Cloud Applications

As a substitute of data and applications stored on a single computer terminal or network, cloud based services are available on the internet in a similar manner as online banking and shopping, social networking emails and sites.

What Makes Cloud Storage Appealing For Small Businesses

Whether a business is looking to improvise its marketing campaign or handle its accounting features, or finding a way through which their online appointments can be booked, cloud applications are the solution and have become a top choice for these kinds of tasks.


  • The most important and key factor of cloud computing is that these days cloud based software’s are affordable and fit the budget of every company.
  • There is no point for getting expensive outside IT service. The service provider maintains and monitors the program as well as conducts updates and upgrades.


  • All you require is an internet connection, something that every business must have. It is the best solution for the staff and owners who are constantly on the go.

Ease Of Set-Up And Use

  • Cloud apps usually don’t require any downloads or installations, and as the developers of these software services normally have the minor business owner in mind, they’re normally simple to use and learn.
  • Many cloud based apps offer owners, operators and staff a free trial to see if its right for their business.

Top Cloud Based Apps That Will Save You Money And Time

  • FreshBooks (Accounting Manager)
  • Dropbox (File Sharing)
  • Constant Contact (Customer Relations)
  • CrashPlan (Backup Service)
  • Carbonite (Backup Service)
  • Outright (Finance Manager)

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