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Sony Cranks Up Optical Disc Storage To 3.3TB

Optical drives like Blu-beam are losing support, yet Sony and Panasonic don’t appear to mind. The organizations have turned up the capacity limit on optical media to a staggering 3.3TB.

That is a major development in Sony’s optical stockpiling, which depends on innovation utilized as a part of Blu-beam. The 3.3TB plate is focused at studios, movie producers, and supporters that store extensive volumes of video, and everywhere organizations that store occasionally adjusted information.

For instance, video gushing organizations could hold a substantial library of movies away clusters with numerous optical drives. Rather than utilizing PCs, servers in data centers could then haul out motion pictures from the drives and serve them to clients by means of the cloud.

The hop to 3.3TB is additionally a major hop from more established optical media. The principal CDs turned out in 1982 with a limit of 650MB, and DVDs turned out in 1996 with a limit of 4.7GB. Today’s Blu-beam media can put away to 100GB of information, and in 2014, Sony and Panasonic said they will send 300GB media for optical chronicled frameworks in data centers.


Optical capacity is staying aware of SSDs and hard drives in the race to pack more stockpiling into drives and media. Be that as it may, not at all like attractive drives or NAND streak, optical capacity isn’t intended for general peruses and composes, restricting its utilization.

Be that as it may, bolster stays for this type of optical stockpiling as a result of dependability. Sony says the media will have a 100-year time span of usability, longer than other stockpiling innovation.

It stays to be seen whether the new improvement will mean a development in limit for Blu-beam plates. The present limit is viewed as satisfactory for 4K movies.

The 3.3TB media is a piece of Sony’s second-era Optical Disk Archive System, a successor to the first framework dispatched in 2013. Sony additionally declared optical drives to bolster the new media. The new drives are speedier than ancestors and bland Blu-beam drives, which have famously moderate perused and compose times.

The optical drives will be accessible as a USB drive unit that can connect to a PC’s USB port, a fiber-channel library drive unit for capacity frameworks and Optical Disk Archive Cartridge for data centers. The drives will send in the mid year, Sony said.

The new media will work with Everspan, Sony’s automated stockpiling framework that can save to 181 petabytes of information. Sony is putting forth Everspan as a distinct option for tape or hard-drive stockpiling in data centers.

Sony is urging organizations to bolster the Optical Disk Archive System, which is being pitched as another framework to store filed information. Sony said 42 organizations have made interfaces for the capacity innovation.

The 3.3TB media and drives were reported at NAB Show in Las Vegas, where Sony is additionally seeing a few 4K video-related items.

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