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Things You Should Know About Networking

Are you going to learn the basics of networking? To learn the functions of networking, you must understand the basics of routers and switches. They are considered as most valuable and best networking products. A network operates when we connect computers and their peripherals by using these two equipment; routers and switches. Routers and switches are essential networking devices, which connect the different devices to make a proper network to start communication between them. However, they look very similar but routers and switches have different functions to make a full-fledged network.

Things You Should Know About Switches

Things should know about switches

You can use switches to connect various devices to the same network in your building, office, home or school. You must have seen computers, servers and printers linked together, which is a small network of shared resources. The switch also functions as controller, it also allows multiple devices to share data and communicate with each other. Network switches also help you to increase productivity and save money because it is easy to allocate resources and share information.

If you look around, you can find only two types of switches unmanaged and managed.

Managed Switch: Managed switch are flexible because you can monitor and adjust your network traffic remotely or locally. You can even check that who can access to this network.

Unmanaged Switch: Unmanaged switch does not allow his user to make changes. Mostly in home networks people use unmanaged switches.

Things You Should Know About Routers

Things should know about routers

Routers are very important elements to make your network more advanced and better. They are used to connect several networks together. Like you can connect your networked computer with internet or can share it with further networks to share specific information or access. Routers are like dispatchers who choose best route for your network so that information can travel more quickly.

It all depends on your networking plans that what kind of routers you are going to need.

Firewall: Firewall is specialized in examining the incoming data and protects your network from incoming attacks.

IP Phone Network: You can unify your communication by making a network between telephone and computers networks.

Virtual Private Network (VPN): VPN allow your remote employees to access safely to the network.

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