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Things You Should Know About Access Points and WLAN Controller

Small businesses are using Wireless LAN for so many reasons. First it used to offer simple, wireless access and connect multiple wireless devices, but know wireless technology has matured as a vital part of a business. Wireless technology is not only boosting the efficiency and productivity of your employees but also helping the businesses to use the alternative of Ethernet or wired networks.

wlan controller and access points

As the numbers of total wireless users are also increasing in the world, so does the need of Access Points, Antenna and WLAN Controllers is also increasing. Due to this reason you can also find so many people willing to buy access point and wireless LAN accessories.

Access point

With the help of WLAN controller, you can simply manage the wireless networks and with its help user can get advance and easy mobility service. If you are willing to buy WLAN Controllers, Access Points or Antenna, then first you should know that these are hardware devices, which provide the single point or access of management for all of the access points in your local area network. It is connected to the WLAN controller, and this connection assists you with a wireless network. Access points and WLAN controller communicates with each other through IP network or Ethernet using LWAPP (Lightweight Access Point Protocol). It helps you to control several access points at the same time as well.

wlan controller

WLAN controllers are typically designed for small businesses; they support up to 25 wireless access points, which means that around 250 users can use it. Most of the controllers are small in size and they do not have fans in them, so that is why they are quiet and compact, because of it you can even install it outside of the closet. And from here wireless LAN controller will work fine with access points, which would not be an issue for you.

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