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Top Qualities of a Data Cartridge

With the continuous pace of the organization on the competitive run everyone needs to have their assets secured and liabilities paid off. Organizations with their grooming and advancement going on want to have lesser problems and more profits. But reality is a little different. With the increase in the size of the organization the problems start increasing as well, until you pre plan for upcoming situations. One of the major problems companies are facing is losing their data. Data is the information that companies couldn’t afford to lose. Organizations need to understand how are these data, information secured and in a way that is a reliable and secure medium. For this purpose, a very famous technology in use now days is a technology from the past which is making its way in the industry, it’s the magnetic tape media. This tape technology is in the form of the cartridges, which store all of your data. When it comes to data storage what immediately comes to mind is the space that storage medium offers.

Every tape technology from various famous and trust worth brands give you a range of space capacities according to your organizational needs. It is quite obvious that the smaller organization wouldn’t need so much of space which will serve them only as a cost and not as a need fulfillment and definitely a larger organization must need a larger space because smaller space wouldn’t help them anyway. And when the cost is being discussed one of the very major factors which is being the reason for mentioning the competitiveness among various tape cartridge companies is the cost efficiencies in the form of reduced cost per GB. As everyone, who is of the view of business complexities, knows that cost efficiency is one of the major concerns of any organization. And the constraint list is incomplete without another major concern time constraint. So when creating a storage medium, tape cartridge companies make sure to provide the organizations with a tape that gives both the time and cost efficiency.

Quantum mr-l6mqn-01 lto 6

A famous tape technology LTO is gaining importance day by day paving its way to the highest rated tape cartridge in the industry. This technology allows the organizations to store the data in open format, which means in any type of format. One of the examples of famous tape is Quantum mr-l6mqn-01 lto 6 which is the advanced version among its series i.e. 6th generation of LTO tape. Such advanced versions are now coming with the facility of the compatibility with the older versions as well, which means no need to waste time in making another copy of already recorded data in another tape. And transfer rate is remarkable with 160 MB s/s which saves your time recording and retrieving data giving you ultimate time efficiency. And this particular tape, and others like it , are specially designed for larger organizations saving up to 2.5TB native data and 6.25TB in compressed format allowing the organization to save all the data in one single tape.

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