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Top Reasons Why Using Data Tape Is Still A Great Way To Store Data

According to studies, it’s been recorded that around 70%-90% data that we create can never be accessed again. However, as data preservation requirements have become more severe with industry obedience rules (i.e. HIPPA or SOX) and business regulation, companies need to store their information or data for a long period and occasionally forever.

This speedily magnifies into terabytes and petabytes of information that require storing and disk-based solutions that are very costly for storing a large amount of data. Additionally, users can’t manage to block up their system or servers with all that bulk of “less serious” records when they mostly have an instant need for a smaller set of critical data.


With the quantity of information being stored and continuously growing exponentially, tape provides some essential benefits over disk-based technology for long- haul data storage, comprising:

High Volume

LTO data tape cartridges are an efficient way to store data and can nowadays store up to 6.25TB on a one tape. Companies can make use of LTO tapes and can collect over 6PB in not as much of 14sq.ft. Data.

Quick Performance

Information can now be extracted in just a few minutes or seconds, with the capability to move the information at speeds of over 1TB per hour, per data tape drive.

Lower Costs Per GB

Tape storage is the most affordable option for storing large amounts of data at an average cost of $.01/GB.

Less Energy Costs

Research constantly shows that tape drives don’t use too much power and also generate less heat as compared to the disk drives, causing energy charges that are 1/16th that of the disk.


Tapes are still the only form of the medium that is reliable for storing large data that can be moved offsite for disaster recovering purposes.

Greater Dependability

The error rate of data tape technology is superior to that of the disk. Data tape is immune to some of the drawbacks of disk data like the viruses; it provides a more reliable access to all the data companies for storing their data for long-term.

Better Permanence

The physics of data tape enables the companies to extend its storage volumes far beyond the dynamics of disk technologies will allow. This makes data tape an ongoing data storage solution for long-term.


The combination of data tape’s larger recessive read compatibility and together with the detail that all main ISV applications such as BackupExec, NetBackup, ARCserve, etc. offer extensive sustenance of tape-based storage consequences in the best conceivable return on the venture.

Best For Google Best For You

In 2011, Google was all over the headlines when it had to use data tapes to restore the email boxes of its 40,000 users. With the performance increasing expressively and storage volumes increasing, businesses will remain to trust on data tapes for off-site backup and calamity recovery.

When you syndicate the data tape’s greater storing capacities, small-cost/GB, and condensed energy costs, tape-based storing answers offers enormous Opex and CapEx cost benefits. Even like the technology develops, data tape remains to be the best solution for long-haul archiving and data storage.

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