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Video Resolution – A Bottleneck in the Realization of Virtual Reality (VR) Systems

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As we all know, video resolution plays a critical role in determining the quality of experience (QoE). The same rule applies to VR systems: without having a high-resolution system, we can never expect VR to match with the ‘real’ reality.


Though I believe man-made things will never be able to beat natural things, it’s hard to deny that humans have successfully done things which once seemed to be impossible. Many examples may be given to prove this argument. Afterall, who had thought that humans would be able to fly in the air and that too at a speed of hundreds of miles per hour! Who had thought that humans would be able to stay alive with the help of an artificial heart! But all these things are now a reality. Similarly, the things which seem to be impossible today will soon be a reality and we’ll have no option other than to accept the unimaginable.

One of the various astonishing things men have developed so far is the ‘virtual reality’. As the name implies, it is a man-made reality which has been developed with an aim to compete with the real reality.

Human beings are trapped in this world, its sorrows, and misfortunes. And in order to escape these horrible things, we’re left with only two options: one is to get lost in our dreams, and the other one is to die; the latter being more interesting and practical than the formerJ.There’s another way to get rid of sorrows and sufferings, and that’s to create our own reality. Yes, you read it right! Scientists are now trying to find ways to create the world of our choice and dreams, and have been very successful in doing so. Although the man-made reality systems are not very advanced, yet significant advancements in this field have been made; and scientists believe a time will come when we’ll be the ‘God’ of our own world, provided the world doesn’t come to end before that.

Virtual reality (VR) finds applications in games, movies, and a lot of other interesting things.

As is the case with every other interesting and useful thing, there’s a hurdle that scientists face in the realization of VR systems: it is the poor quality of videos and video technology. It’s true that high-definition (HD) and ultra-HD content seems to be very pleasant and real, still the video-processing systems are far from the system that God has fit into our eyes and brain. Our eyes are capable of capturing trillions of pixels per second while maintaining a very good quality, whereas the video processing systems developed till now are not even close to that. The 3D videos are even more difficult to capture. No 3D system has yet been developed that is capable of delivering ultra-HD (UHD) content, and UHD content is limited to 2D only.

Therefore, though scientists hope they will conquer all the sorrows one day, and aim at making this world a paradise; they face a huge challenge of developing a video system that can actually work at a resolution they require to make the reality of our choice.

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