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Want to Know the Secret of Long Lasting Data Retention

Increasing company data over the time and more requirements of management is what has now become the part of business. With organizations more oriented towards the protection of theory assets, especially the ones crucial to their success the setup of managing the asset is getting more importance. The backup tape drives which are serving as data savers for the organizations work on the mechanism of saving the data over the thin film magnetic tape which is devised with some of the finest magnetic particles to keep quality at its best. Over the period of time with the usage of tape the thin air flow between the magnetic tape and the heads create a resistance flow that makes dust accumulation over the tape. This dust can cause the slow working of the tape and ultimately damage to the tape. This is again a big cause of data loss despite of so many precautionary measures but a little negligence.

Many organizations don’t give it the importance that tapes are supposed to be cleaned like everything else in the world. Such an optimized device is designed with the four heads among which is a cleaning head to accept all the dust and the debris allowing the protection of the other heads. Now over the time due to this the tape performance degrades and requires measures to be taken. For this, Travan cleaning cartridges are a handy tool that ensures the revival of the performance of the tapes. Since data is recorded in the bits of blocks so the cleaning process occurs the same way. With the passage of time due to this dust the tape functions get affected and become slower, which also causes the blocks of data become faulty. As soon as this happens a faulty flag appears to show that you need to clean your tape.

Travan cleaning cartridges

Travan cleaning cartridges allow the tape to regain its power by removing and cleaning any faulty block without losing data. Instead the data is rewritten after the cleaning has been performed. What exactly was the purpose of using the tape technology, it was to create a backup for security of your data. But if the Tape is processed without understanding the need to clean it, then the core purpose of the tape is lost. And all the efficiency features of the tape will be lost. When it gets dirty it will no longer works without any flaws, and flawed data is the least what you are expecting from the tape drives. And that’s not the end of it, the data start changing over the time due to poor magnetic field to keep to the correct place. So a specific number of cleaning cycles are to be performed. So with 30 cleaning cycles of cartridge and supportive of various formats Travan cleaning cartridges are providing an excellent solution for backup recovery and achieving problems.

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