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Why Leading Organizations Choose WestendITStore

We at WestendItStore are frequently asked how our administrations can have any kind of effect for their association. Our answer is dependably entirely basic and straight forward: We offer unparalleled client benefit that is both practical and has a noteworthy effect on the prosperity of nature. This is the reason associations, different top organizations depend on our administrations.

Understanding The Importance Of Recycling In Today’s World

Our customer base incorporates associations that have characterized methodologies for securing the soundness of the earth. Due to their commitment to such activities they can move others to do likewise, while increasing positive advertising.

From an information security stance, they likewise understand that the reusing of attractive tape can help them meet the controls as put forward by HIPPA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, SEC, DOD, SOX, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other administrative bodies. Actually, they depend on our restrictive information destruction procedure to ensure that every last bit of their information is erased and their legacy tapes accessible for reuse by other developing associations.

Reusing And Reuse Of Tape Helps Save Money And Resources

Our clients use our administrations with an end goal to spare cash, increase additional money, and make tape accessible at marked down costs for different associations.

In all reality, by sending legacy tape to landfills or incineration plants, splendidly great tape goes to squander. Fiercely enough, just 3 percent of associations are as of now reusing tape. Our customers dare not to fall into that classification since they have the ability to offer their workable, legacy tape, pick up money, and secure our reality against contamination. By doing this, they additionally help other developing associations buy splendidly working utilized tape at reasonable costs.

The reusing and reuse procedure is a keen approach to work together. It is our obsession to teach our customers and imminent customers on the various advantages of both purchasing and offering pre-possessed attractive information stockpiling tape.

In any case, if your association totally should shred your utilized information tapes we do have a more eco-accommodating alternative accessible.

We Truly Appreciate Our Clients!

At WestendItStore, we know our customers by name and we really need to help them have any kind of effect on the planet. This requires we precisely hear them out, answer their inquiries, and instruct them.

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Digital devices, network devices and data storage devices entrepreneurship inspired me to study, write and review on global trends in ICT product. My journey in research and exploration for ICT device's development, manufacturing, market place and consumer level deployments educated me on accessing new horizons in ICT business. Most of my business consist on data tapes, data cartridges in other words, tape media as digital data storage solutions. Me and my team help small business and minority owned businesses to switch on better digital technologies for sustainable growth in their respective industries.

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