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Why You Should Use Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage services are the new thing these days. From Drop box, Google Drive to One Drive, there are numerous cloud storage services offering you large storage amounts for storing your important data and files on cloud. But even though they are increasingly popular many people still don’t take a lot of advantage from the cloud storage services.

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If you are also one of those people who don’t take full advantage of cloud storage then read and find out why you should use its services.

Fault Tolerant Storage

The fact is that it doesn’t matter which cloud storage service you are using, important part is you are getting free gigabytes that are completely fault tolerant and you don’t need to pay anything for it. This storage is very beneficial for those who have important data that needs to be safely backed up and don’t have any other means for backing up the data safely.

No Need For Any Payment

Even many of the cloud storage accounts have paid services, almost every one of them offer basic free accounts. These free accounts offer from 2GB to 15GB free cloud storage. So the point is if you are getting 15GB free storage space without any payment then why not use it.

Your Files Are Accessible To You

The main advantage I see of using cloud storage services is that you don’t have to carry your files everywhere with you. All you can do is simply login to your cloud storage and you can get access to your files on the computer. All you need is access to the internet connection and web browser.

Real-Time Alliance

Most of the cloud storage services allow you to teamwork on the cloud stored files in real time. You can simply upload a file and share it with whoever you like so that you can work in collaboration in real time.

Simple Data Sharing With Access To Control Settings

Files and documents uploaded on the cloud can be easily shared with any number of users you want to work or share with. Additionally, you can also control the users access to the files as in you can limit them to view only or allow them the power to edit the file or download it.

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