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Your Business Might be Vulnerable to this Threat You Don’t Know

An amazingly large empire, famous and working with pride suddenly is shattered due to heavy losses, or a startup with big dreams and hopes on the pace of its expansion and transition to smaller and then mid sized business and suddenly takes a back gear losing all hopes and shattering to even sometimes meltdown. These are the cases we have seen quite at times. All of these doing exactly what they are suppose to do and hard work that is sure to pay. But what went wrong then. It was something that businesses were unaware of. Despite their every conscious effort what hit these business hard was something which they didn’t know. This was the need of protection. Protection of your data. So what is the data and why it needs protection.Data constitutes to every detailed information and documentation that you have earned over the time.

This data is something that backs up your daily operations and your decision making.Some serious decision making too. And when businesses make the decision a step has to be taken and an opportunity cost needs to be paid. It is required this cost to be as low as it can be. But if that data isn’t available and you have to make random guesses and building castles in the air the result wouldn’t be any pleasant. For this reason your data needs protection. But the storage requirement was fulfilled by the businesses and they were practicing this, yet they failed to sustain the threats of the dynamic business world. It was so because the modern storage, which they were using was somehow not up to the mark because viruses attack them and make them lose all the data. And when suddenly a time in the future, you need that data you are just left with an error. This was the broken link where disasters occur. So a technology that was the part of past was brought to see the present. This was the tape technology like ibm 49y9899 lto5 tape. These tapes were the excellence in providing a perfect backup storage system. This storage has a specialty that viruses are useless over it. So it was brought by and combined with the latest technology storage. It was specially given this place because it has higher reliability features.

ibm 49y9899 lto5 tape

When you save the data over this magnetic tape it remains there as such for a long and long period of time. This means that after a long time when accessed during this course of time no virus and thermal effect can make it lose your data. It is a world of fast pace and continuous updates. And people who are not oriented somehow have to pay the price. In this fastly paced network where time and cost both are important there is no room for a device that takes a hell of a time and raise the bars of your expense. This tape technology is exactly what saves both your time and money by giving you a fast speedy data transfer rate onto a tape that gives you enjoyment of low cost of ownership and maintenance.

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